When I feel like I’ve had a new breakthrough idea the second thing I like to ask people after I’ve explained it to them is ‘what does this remind you of?’

My default assumption is that that not much I will ever think will be original.

How can living, thinking…

Nobody thinks I am working today, because Monday 31st May 2021 is a Bank Holiday.

Even when you are freelance there’s an assumption that you take Bank Holidays. Some do, some don’t, some can’t.

I like to work because nobody thinks I am working.

The days you spend pleasure-working like…

An introduction to digital and design processes for charitable organisations.

General details

  • Outcome area: Network
  • Phases: Delivery
  • Timeframe: Ongoing
  • Doing the work:
    CAST — To develop and refine workshop content
    Partners — To promote to their networks and kickstart or bolster regional ecosystem development
    CREW — Cross-sector, cross-UK facilitators, responding to needs and networks local to them

Summary of work

Deliver and iterate free ‘introduction…

I’m pretty obsessed with organisational psychology, for an organisation of exactly one person.

One of my favourite podcasts I use an an introduction to workplace culture tweaks to follow up on in more depth is Eat, Sleep, Work Repeat. This week’s episode introduced me to the apparently oxymoronic ‘silent meeting’.

Ab Brightman

Hustling for good→ www.abbrightman.com

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