4 Surprising Things You Can Learn from a Free Life Coaching Course

Inspire action within yourself and others.

During the first weekend of January (this post was originally written in 2016 FYI) I thought I’d be open minded and take up a free weekend life coaching course I’d seen advertised online. Within the sales bullshit, I found a practice built on straightforward concepts not only amusingly true about human nature, but actually useful for getting yourself and others into action too. I wanted to share the most useful concepts for you to use below:

You already have the solutions to your own problems.

See things differently

Want answers? Ask questions.

And the best question to ask someone if they’re at a dead end of what to do? ‘What advice would you give to a friend in the same situation?’. Works every time.

We bullshit each other, but mainly ourselves.

Things aren’t actually as overwhelming as they feel.

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Hustling for good→ www.abbrightman.com

Hustling for good→ www.abbrightman.com