Catalyst project: Design Hops

An introduction to digital and design processes for charitable organisations.

Ab Brightman
1 min readJan 7, 2020

General details

  • Outcome area: Network
  • Phases: Delivery
  • Timeframe: Ongoing
  • Doing the work:
    CAST — To develop and refine workshop content
    Partners — To promote to their networks and kickstart or bolster regional ecosystem development
    CREW — Cross-sector, cross-UK facilitators, responding to needs and networks local to them

Summary of work

Deliver and iterate free ‘introduction to digital’ workshops for charities across the country, in partnership with local charity, tech and community organisations.

More on this work

The Design Hop workshop is a friendly and engaging space to explore how digital might help your charity. Learn more on the CAST Design Hops page.

Intended output

Workshops throughout the year across the country.

Fit with Catalyst purpose

Design Hops sit under the Network outcome area: Galvanise an effective, sustainable and collaborative cross-sector network to drive sector change (that change being a growing number of nonprofits making effective use of digital, design and data to improve their services and their organisational resilience)

Key contacts

If anyone would like to discuss or build on this work, please get in touch: