Choosing & Using Principles for Your Work

1. Remove Complications.

Complications are draining for everyone involved, and ultimately get in the way of your wider goals.

2. Embrace Curiosity.

I think it’s fascinating how changing relatively small factors can influence how and how people engage with a training session, an email or even a conversation— and every day is an opportunity to make that engagement better and better, through curiosity and testing.

3. Be Best Practice.

We are all role models for the people around us — be they friends, family, colleagues or supporters. I reflect a lot on my own behaviour and the work that I do; working to be the change I want to see in other people, and I really strive to surround myself with people and organisations who are a positive influence on me too.

Choosing Your Principles

Its really important to choose principles which both reflect your own personality and working preferences, as well as your ambition as to what makes socially impactful work. Working in line with your principles shouldn’t feel like a real challenge — instead it is an opportunity to be far more intentional of doubling down on your strengths and personal values.

Practical Implementation of Your Principles.

Once you’ve chosen principles that you’re proud of, then one really simple and effective method for using them in your work is to borrow a technique from life coaching called ‘the Wheel of Life’.

Example Wheel of Life

This is something which has really worked for me, so I would love to hear your own takes — in the comments below or just email!

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