Creatively Using Google Analytics

Your Questions Answered: a quick, easy way that your charity can use Google Analytics to shape your digital communications tactics.

The Question:

Lets work through an example as to how this new pie chart would be useful.

  • From traffic to your website from email marketing (mailchimp etc) 50% are returning;
  • From Facebook 40% are returning;
  • but only 5% are returning from search engines.
Breakdown segment of returning visitor channels.
  1. Increase the amount of effort you are putting into optimising your facebook and email content, as these are the channels driving you the most loyalty. You may want to decrease time spent on SEO as this mostly seems to be getting you new users.
  2. Add things to the site which increase the likelihood new users will then join the channels you’ve seen are delivering repeat users. In this case, with email and facebook, I would consider having a more prominent sign up form or perhaps a popup! and a more obvious ‘like us on facebook’ button. Then over the next month or so keep an eye on whether you are getting more email sign-ups or facebook likes as a result.



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