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  1. Knowing someone’s expectations of you, in black and white, makes for better working relationships. I really don’t expect anywhere near immediate replies because if it was actually urgent I would call.
  2. Beyond letting people know that they don’t need to email me back on a Sunday if they get something from me, it also lets them know please don’t necessarily expect me to be on it at 9am on a Tuesday morning, or 3pm on a Wednesday just because they’re traditional working hours.
  3. It is important to treat one another as the fully autonomous and capable adults that we are, rather than attempt to shield the reality of our differing choices. I think people should be able to consciously decide not to read or reply to me.
  4. Being a role model with your work ethic (as we should all strive to be because, undeniably, our behaviours is mirrored by those around us) means not only showcasing motivation and grit but showcasing joy and healthy choices too. The final sentence lets me convey that.



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