• Siana Bangura

    Siana Bangura

    Writer | Producer | Community Organiser | Very outside the box | www.sianabangura.com

  • Joseph Freeman

    Joseph Freeman

    Social & digital media lead in healthcare. London-loving husband & father of two. Social media, digital culture, charities, tech for good. Just my thoughts.

  • Chloe Nye

    Chloe Nye

    MSc Human Resource Management student actively pursuing a career in HR.

  • Charné Tromp

    Charné Tromp

  • Alvaro Ruiz

    Alvaro Ruiz

    Junior Web Developer

  • Nick Stanhope

    Nick Stanhope

    Founder of Shift, a London and New Orleans based social enterprise that designs products, builds ventures and helps change systems. www.shiftdesign.org.uk

  • Annie Dare

    Annie Dare

  • NSPCC Digital Team

    NSPCC Digital Team

    We're the NSPCC Digital team writing and reflecting about what we're up to and what we're learning from. Follow us on here and on Twitter @theDigitalDunk

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