Lessons Learnt From the First Two Years of Work

The following is taken from an email I sent round to my colleagues upon moving on from my jobs at Student Hubs to set up my own business. I decided to quickly reflect upon the last two years of working — and living, to share with the rest of the team.

Being as genuinely friendly to as many people who cross your path as possible will never be a mistake.

Some of my own highlights were getting an invite to stay with my colleague Rachel’s sister in America, moving in with a great friend, Freya, who I made through working in our office building (TSK), moving in with another great friend, Miriam, who I also met there this coming month - and making a new really good friend, Tessa, and visiting her back home in Denmark, from a partnership company my manager, Sara, was working with for a few months.

Fill your life with people who push you forward in life, not just people who are fun.

Seek to be the best role model you can for other people in your life.

Just because you now get paid to make social change working for a charity, don’t forget to make time for yourself to volunteer still.

— — — — — — — —

If these resonated with you or you disagree— share with a friend and let me know in the comments, or at abbrightman.business@gmail.com.



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