What does this remind you of?

Ab Brightman
2 min readJun 2, 2021


When I feel like I’ve had a new breakthrough idea the second thing I like to ask people after I’ve explained it to them is ‘what does this remind you of?’

My default assumption is that that not much I will ever think will be original.

How can living, thinking humans have roamed the Earth for thousands years without having similar observations about our reality and our nature?

Given all those years, cultures, languages and visual identities of ideas though, it can be a hard game to simply google them and verify. Often if you ask enough people you can start to touch upon a strand of an idea set which you can begin to unravel.

Once you have begun to unravel it its only a matter of time before you see your own take on this idea in much more depth and use.

So — what does this remind you of?

I drew it last week to capture everything I think I can choose to teach in the learning experiences which I am tasked to deliver — from workshops to courses to email programmes.

It has an iceberg vibe to it, but I wouldn’t consider that the strongest metaphor possible to tie it to.

(The use of ‘people’ in this case should be understood as the learners in question.)

The closest match I have found so far is Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (below) but not quite an exact match. I’m interested in what combines what the learners think they need to know about a topic area, with the reality of it and levels inside it too — not so much the types of learning activity which do or don’t reinforce each part.

Anyway — let me know what else this reminds you of!