What I’m reading this holiday

Ab Brightman
2 min readDec 20, 2019


As 2019 draws to an end I’m going to be giving myself a whole two weeks off completely (today is my last day).

As well as lots of rest and social time I’m looking forward to, I really want to use the time off work to properly read several of the articles and books that have caught my eye throughout November & December.

It feels like a really important opportunity to reflect and learn, given what a big year it has been for me and what the recent election results say about our society and country’s future.

Some of these will be shorter reads that I just wasn’t in the headspace for fully taking in when I first came across them, and some are longer reads that I started and then realised that I didn’t have the time for that week.


  • Switch — how to change things when change is hard. To be fair, I am already halfway through reading this, but finding it very thought provoking and immediately practically useful.
  • The Lean Startup. Pretty much a bible at this point, but I’d never thought about reading the thing until Ellie lent me a copy.
  • The Power of Habit. Helping people to build lasting habits seems fundamental if we are to be successful in embedding better behaviours in organisations, so I am excited to learn much more about this area.


Always keen for more recommendations so please do drop a recommendation in the comments or message me however we usually chat. Cheers to 2019!